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Without a doubt on how to Install an intelligent Thermostat without any C Wire

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Have you got an Ecobee Smart Thermostat and just have actually two cables (a red and a white) and no c wire? Then this informative article may be the effortless response to the difficulty that no body is apparently speaking about.

When my family and I recently bought the four Ecobee Smart Thermostats that now have a home in four areas of y our 2700 sq ft home we’d no adultspace com login clue that there was clearly one possibly problematic (yet common) installation issue should you not have C-Wire.

Listed here are the actions that individuals took to put in a thermostat that is smart no c-wire, especially our Ecobee 3.

Step 1 – Some Preparation

In the event the furnace doesn’t have a C terminal then based on Ecobee you will have to make use of their PEK or Power Extender Kit. Which appears something such as this.

That you need to have a c-wire in order to get your thermostats up and running and that includes the PEK if you contact Ecobee they will tell you.

Despite the fact that at the full time as soon as we purchased ours Home Depot did say anything about n’t requiring one. In reality, that they had a sign appropriate at the Thermostat display saying “No C-Wire needed for installation”.

I’ve seen from the discussion boards in which great deal of individuals are whining about it. And so I did my research and also have crafted a straightforward method of doing the install your self without the significance of incorporating a C-wire to your current system which is TOO SIMPLE.

Step 2 – Remove your old thermostat

We guess I ought to preface this by saying a few things.

1. – we am maybe not an avowed electrician or plumber and therefore when you do this, you do it at your danger.

2. – My home heating is really a forced warm water boiler system and I also have always been using Ecobee thermostats which means that your outcomes can vary according to the variety of home heating you’ve got at home.

Given that i’ve that out of the method, let us start. To begin with, you will must have your Ecobee Thermostat completely unboxed and able to get.

Eliminate your old thermoregulator. In the event that you just have actually two cables, anything like me, then you’ll definitely experience a red cable and a white cable. Actually, i favor to shut the breaker off towards the particular thermostat that I have always been focusing on before going any further.

Step Three – Move Out Your Screwdriver

Once you’ve deterred the ability to that particular thermoregulator, then take away the red and wires that are white the backplate. Typically you shall discover that these are generally held in by tiny Philips mind screws.

Step 4 – Remove the relative back Dish

Get rid of the backplate through the wall surface. Frequently, this might be held in position by two to four screws to the wall surface. When you have Sheetrock, try not to tear it to ribbons whenever getting rid of the old backplate.

Action 5 – Installing Of The Latest Thermostat

Only at that true point, we have been willing to install our new thermoregulator. Now, right right here comes the solution to the situation.

You will have to obtain a 24 Volt C-Wire Power adapter from Amazon (I haven’t discovered them in neighborhood shops myself). Check out the price that is current those who we really bought over here on Amazon.

These are generally reasonably affordable and typically are available at under $30. A number of these include a power that is rather long, most are 25 foot or even more!

Cut down the wire towards the intended length and strip from the ends of this cable to a really length that is short. You will desire to run the 2 wires that can come through the AC adapter along with your red and white cable coming through the wall surface up through the center of the circular backplate before connecting the backplate towards the wall surface.

As you can plainly see in my image from the main one we installed within my finished basement it does not should be very very long if you should be near an electric socket. I’m sure it appears to be messy, but this might easily be remedied by having a small wire molding to tidy it.

Action 6 – Wiring Your New Thermostat

The wiring component is straightforward as pie. First, from your own AC adapter, you link your Wire that is striped into RC slot and link your non-striped wire to the C slot.

Now link the wire that is red the boiler to the RH slot along with your white cable in to the W1 slot.

Double-check your connections and then wind up by affixing the backplate into the wall surface.

At this time, you need to be in a position to pop on the Ecobee thermostat to see it power right up without any issue.

The Way We Discovered About This

A small little bit of a part tale about this. We don’t recognize so we brought home four thermostats from home depot on a Saturday morning and returned them that same Saturday night that it was this simple.

Because we figured we had been simply away from fortune completely. But I happened to be determined that there needs to be a fix for the issue of lacking a C-wire into the Ecobee thermostats in the house without investing an arm and a leg to own an electrician may be found in and rewire things. Therefore I googled all day and discovered a myriad of other issues although not this 1 in particular.

I am hoping this can help someone else away before the mistake is made by them of going back these thermostats. Additionally, if you should be simply getting started in your house automation journey, then you can like to always check my article out 11 methods for Smart Residence newbies.

What direction to go In the event the Ecobee thermostat just isn’t linking to WiFi?

  1. Ensure your router is powered on and that the Ecobee is linked to the 2.4 Ghz musical organization.
  2. Ensure that your Ecobee Thermostat’s firmware is up-to-date by starting PRINCIPAL MENU > ABOUT > VARIATION
  3. Be sure that the encryption kind on the router is placed to WPA/WPA2-AES. Ecobee not any longer supports TKIP encryption as a result of some protection flaws.
  4. If the sign energy is too low regarding the ecobee then it may possibly be having an issue generally speaking. You should check it by entering PRINCIPAL MENU > ABOUT > WI-FI. If the truth is a signal energy less than 75% that would be your trouble.

Ecobee actually talked about this dilemma on the website and provide some helpful troubleshooting recommendations aswell.